At NYAZIK, we protect the sensitive information of our customers and monitor the information and data available to us in order to avoid and prevent any fraudulent or suspicious behavior.

We do our utmost to protect our customers and partners,

Here are some tips on how to learn about fraudulent techniques

Electronic fraud methods

Being aware of fraudulent and malicious emails and other forms of fraudulent communication is a cornerstone of protection against fraud and theft. Common warning signs of online fraudulent methods include:

Fund requests:

Unexpected requests to pay an urgent financial amount, in many cases, for the delivery of shipments and parcels, and this method is used to send money and provide personal information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details.

Requests for personal information:

Requests for personal and / or financial information for the purpose of fraud, identity theft and other crimes.

Misleading names:

Links include misspellings or addresses that are somewhat similar to real websites: If you are in doubt about the validity of any site that uses the name NYAZIK LOGISTICS, please always visit our website ( or contact the NYAZIK Customer Service Center by e-mail (

Fraudulent emails:

It is the most common fraud method on the Internet, and it aims to deceive you by pretending that the sender is an NYAZIK LOGISTICS company and in order to induce you to share personal information of a sensitive nature, account data or send money, and it may also include a request to register for a contest in order to win prizes.

Identity theft:

When someone tricks you into revealing personal or financial information or your account data. Usually, information thieves claim to be from well-known companies and send you emails or call you to ask you to answer their questions or direct you to a fraudulent webpage that asks you to provide personal information such as a credit card number or account password.

Credit Card Fraud:

In some cases, when a credit card is lost or stolen by a person who uses it, credit card fraud is primarily carried out by hacking the card account data in the course of normal use. Stolen card data is often used to attempt fraudulent purchases over the Internet.

Mail containing viruses:

Clients often receive an email stating that the company is trying to deliver a parcel or shipment to you and asks you to open a file attached to the email to complete the delivery, and this attachment is likely to be a virus. Therefore, we ask you not to open this attached file and inform the company's customer service center via the following email: ( unless you are really waiting to receive a similar email.

Our duties

We, at NYAZIK , do the best security, administrative, technical and material measures to protect the personal information that you provide from damage, loss, change, access, disclosure, illegal, unauthorized or accidental use and other forms of illegal processing, bearing in mind that our commitment to information security is subject to For review and audit, they have a certificate.

Your duties

If you have any comments or questions about the customer protection and fraud prevention measures followed NYAZIK, please contact the NYAZIK Customer Service Center via the following email: (

Evacuation responsibility:

There is no doubt that being careful and protecting your sensitive information is the best way to prevent fraud. If you receive a request to provide personal information or payment data through any of the aforementioned forms of communication, please do not respond or cooperate with the sender and report it immediately to the following customer service center: (

NYAZIK logistics is not responsible for any costs, fees or payments that are the result of any fraudulent activity. You must be careful and beware of the aforementioned fraud means and put them in mind to protect your information and data from being stolen in order to avoid falling victim to any future fraud.