The following privacy policy (referred to as the 'Privacy Policy') governs the manner in which NYAZIK LOGISTICS and its legal persons and entities (all referred to collectively as 'NYAZIK LOGISTICS ') collect, use, store and disclose personal information, as well as explain how You can access your private personal information. This privacy policy applies to the personal information that we collect on the NYAZIK LOGISTICS website (referred to as the 'website') and is read in conjunction with the website's terms of use.

Wherever this privacy policy refers to the pronoun of the speaker and the possessive character of the speaker, what is meant is NYAZIK LOGISTICS, and wherever this privacy policy refers to the pronoun of the addressee and the ownership attribute of the addressee, the intended user of the site is.

Your viewing and use of the website, or your obtaining any goods or services from us, constitute your agreement to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, you must refrain from using or accessing the website.

1 - Information

NYAZIK LOGISTICS  may collect two types of information about you, namely: (a) Personal information (including but not limited to your name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth and payment information), which is information that may be obtained from you when you voluntarily provide it through The following means, but not limited to: (1) registering and creating a membership account, (2) participating in surveys and other promotions available on the website, (3) providing us with information through the 'contact us' on the website or through customer service By phone, (4) interacting with us through social media or the website, (5) from other sources, such as third parties, when this is reasonably necessary or when the normal practice of the activity so requires

(B) The cumulative information generated by the NYAZIK LOGISTICS  Systems, which is not personally related to you; We obtain certain information by automated means when you visit the website, and this information includes the IP address of the device that you use to connect to the Internet and the pages you visited. By collecting this information, we can learn the best way to design the site and understand the products and services you prefer. NYAZIK LOGISTICS collects this information through various means such as 'cookies' (please see 'cookies and tracking' below).

Failure to provide essential personal information when requested may result in the withholding of certain services from you. NYAZIK LOGISTICS may collect additional information from you related to promotional offers, and may also collect any information you provide when corresponding with NYAZIK LOGISTICS, such as that which you provide through customer service and participating in surveys.

2 - Disclosure of information

NYAZIK LOGISTICS may disclose:

(A) With its affiliates around the world, licensees and its partners in joint ventures, in order to serve the purposes set forth in the Privacy Policy

(B) For any information you collect on others for the purpose of providing you with the services you request

C) Cumulative tracking information and other information that does not reveal your personal identity to others

(D) Your personal information for third parties whenever the NYAZIK LOGISTICS believe, in good faith, that the law or any legal procedures require them to do so.

(E) Your personal information for third parties provided that NYAZIK LOGISTICS obtain your prior consent, which is the consent that may be obtained at the time the information is collected from you.

3- Use

NYAZIK LOGISTICS uses the personal information it collects to:

(A) Verify your identity and your assistant if you forgot the password or login data for any of the NYAZIK LOGISTICS registration services

(B) Assist in providing the services you request

(C) To provide you with more information about other websites and services that NYAZIK LOGISTICS believes are of interest to you

(D) Other marketing, promotional or advertising purposes that include direct marketing, market research and investigations

(E) For internal purposes and to develop and manage our websites, analyze data, and comply with our legal obligations, policies and procedures.

(F) Ensure that you are provided with the information most appropriate to you and your interests

(G) To prevent and detect any misuse or fraudulent activities

(H) Any other use permitted by you

NYAZIK LOGISTICS will seek your consent if you wish to use your personal information for purposes other than those you have previously agreed to.

4- Cookies and tracking

This website uses a 'cookie' file that is transferred to your computer's hard disk drive, and this file can determine the details of your IP address, operating system (such as Microsoft Windows, Mac O / S, or Linux), and your Internet browser (such as Internet Explorer). And Safari and Firefox) as well as the version of this browser and your location (to determine the country you are connecting to the website from) and another user’s information (such as your username).

NYAZIK LOGISTICS may use the information generated by cookies to:

(B) Ensure that any advertisements are shown to the most appropriate person

(C) Enabling you to access the website, use certain services, and visit sections of the website intended for registered users only.

You can choose to refuse cookies by turning them off in your internet browser and / or deleting them from your hard drive. Cookies are not required to be turned on in order to use the website, but you will need them to enter the website and access the personal or safe content on the website. Some webpages may not function properly when cookies are turned off.

NYAZIK LOGISTICS uses Google Analytics in accordance with Google's Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy. The information generated by Google Analytics - which includes the user's IP address - is transmitted to servers located in the United States and stored there. The information collected through Google Analytics does not include any personal information nor is it linked to any personal information. Google does not share the information collected with any other Google products or tools. The information collected allows us to evaluate the use of this website, analyze user behavior, and improve the user experience of the site. You can get more information on how to opt-out of Google Analytics at

5- Content providers, advertisers and partners

This privacy policy does not apply to third-party websites to which we may include links, or to other companies or other persons who may be mentioned on the site as contacts or independent suppliers. NYAZIK LOGISTICS is not responsible for the data collection practices of any website other than this website, or for the privacy policies of those sites or for their content, and these sites include any websites that can be accessed through a link included in the website. You should directly contact the operators of these websites if you wish to inquire about their privacy practices and policies before submitting your personal information to any third party.

6- Subscribe and unsubscribe

If NYAZIK LOGISTICS is collecting, using, or disclosing personal information about you in a manner contrary to the provisions of this Privacy Policy of collection, use or disclosure, then NYAZIK LOGISTICS s will give you a choice:

(A) Withdrawal without receiving specific services or participating in certain interactive sections

(B) Subscribe and express consent to receive communications from NYAZIK LOGISTICS regarding certain matters such as notification of new website features, beta tests or promotional activities.

7- Protect your personal information

The security of your personal information is important to NYAZIK LOGISTICS , which in turn recognizes industry standards and applies appropriate administrative, technical and physical security measures to protect your personal information that you provide to us through the website from any accidental, unlawful or unauthorized damage that may be caused to it, or from any loss or change in it. Or access to it, disclosure of it, use of it, or other unlawful forms of processing it. We use a number of security methods to protect your personal information, and these include the use of secure servers. All your personal information, including your credit card data, is also encrypted before you leave the web browser using SSL 128-bit RC4 encryption technology, which is the strongest encryption technology in the industry.

NYAZIK LOGISTICS uses the VeriSign online payment gateway (or any similar company that provides similar services) to provide secure authentication for credit card transactions that take place over the Internet. VeriSign, Inc. is one of the leading providers of digital trust services that allow Internet users to conduct digital commerce with greater security. VeriSign handles the credit card transaction you make with your bank from A to Z and informs NYAZIK LOGISTICS of your bank's approval of it; Hence, your credit card information is not stored on the NYAZIK LOGISTICS servers or anywhere else on the Internet.

NYAZIK LOGISTICS is subject to all these measures for review and revision from time to time as appropriate. It is important for you to protect your login information, including your password, from any unauthorized access to it. Please note that there is no 100% secure way to transfer data over the Internet or for electronic storage; Hence, NYAZIK LOGISTICS cannot guarantee that your personal information is completely secure.

8- Disclosure of information to external parties

We may transfer the personal information that we collect to countries other than the country in which you originally provided it, which are countries where there may be no data protection laws such as those in the country in which you provided the data. NYAZIK LOGISTICS will protect this information when it is transferred to other countries as stipulated in this privacy policy. We may also disclose your personal information as required or permitted by law to law enforcement, regulators, and governments for security and customs purposes.

9- Information retention, correction and updating

Your information is collected and managed for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, and NYAZIK LOGISTICS may allow third parties to access your information, provided that this is limited to the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. NYAZIK LOGISTICS takes all steps reasonably necessary to ensure the secure processing of your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

NYAZIK LOGISTICS allows you to correct or change the collected information at any time and whenever necessary, except for certain fields of data, which are restricted data fields and you mark them with what is useful in your account, and these fields are such as the country of residence. Whenever you want to amend a restricted data field or if you have any questions regarding the performance of the NYAZIK LOGISTICS services or related to this privacy policy, please contact the NYAZIK LOGISTICS customer service team.

10- Amendments

NYAZIK LOGISTICS reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time without notifying you of these changes. You agree that your continued use of the website represents your acceptance of the privacy policy after the amendment, and you agree that the modified version of the privacy policy cancels all previous versions.